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Intense flavours of the Majella National Park

During your stay in Villa Pardi situated in Manoppello, in Pescara district, in Abruzzo, you can taste Intense flavours of the Majella National Park, and the best typical dishes in this beautiful region.


Arrosticini is a dish coming from Abruzzo but well known everywhere and is made with some meat skewers. It’s a simple and convivial dish as the skewers are served in bundles of 20 or 30 at a time, wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them warm, so each diner pulls his skewer off the foil to eat it with the hands as the tradition says. A true Abruzzo inhabitant in fact will never serve the skewers on a dish! The skewers are prepared with sheep meat cubes that are put on the skewers one by one and then are placed on the grill to cook. They are wet with vinegar and oil during cooking to get a delicious texture and aroma.


Pasta alla chitarra

Pasta alla chitarra

The chitarra we’re talking about is the tool used to get the fresh pasta that assumes a square cut and a porous texture that fits well with sauces. The pasta alla chitarra is prepared with durum wheat semolina and eggs, the dough is rolled, placed on the guitar and pressed with a rolling pin to obtain rough spaghetti. Even if there are many delicious variations, the traditional condiment for this pasta is the meat sauce made of mixed beef, pork and lamb meat.

Sagne e fagioli

The sagne and beans are prepared with fresh rolled pasta cut into strips. The condiment is made with beans cooked in a pan with tomato sauce, celery, onions and carrots. Everything must be cooked for a long time and then blended to obtain a cream. Then some whole beans are added. The fresh pasta is boiled and drained, and then combined with the bean mixture. A rich dish!


Sagne e fagioli foto eatabruzzo


The Porchetta is a simple and delicious dish prepared with a young and small pig. The pork is first flavored with various spices and then cooked on a spit. The porchetta, that is the protagonist of many festivals in Abruzzo, was traditionally prepared during holidays, weddings, baptisms, Christmas. The apparent simplicity of the preparation requires a lot of care to obtain a perfectly cooked pork in all its parts with a golden and crispy rind. Even if it can also be prepared in the oven, the best choice is to cook it on fire!

Pecora a lu cutture

The lu cutture sheep is boiled sheep meat, a simple recipe which requires long time to let the meat  cook and become tender. Together with some flavorings such as thyme, bay leaf, onion and rosemary, the sheep bakes from four to six hours depending on the type of meat. At the end you get a tender and tasty meat, and a rich and nutritious soup. In some recipes you can add tomato to create a thick and tasty sauce.

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