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Historical commemorations and food festivals in the Agrigento Area

During your holiday in Fontes Episcopi, situated in Aragona, in Agrigento district, in Sicilia, you can enjoy historical commemorations and food festivals in the Agrigento Area.


In February in Agrigento there is the Medieval Night, an historic event that fits in the celebrations for the patron saint San Gerlando on February 25. There’s an historical parade that goes through the town and is formed by characters in period costumes to represent the arrival of the saint in Agrigento. The festival continues with games, music and dances of the medieval period.


In early March in Agrigento there’s the Mandorlara, the festival of the blooming almond tree. Almonds are the typical products of the area and the festival wants to promote this local product with many recipes, such as the already well known desserts, but also the main courses, side dishes, second courses of meat and fish where the almonds can be a tasty and unexpected ingredient.

sagra del mandorlo (agrigentocalling)_opt

Festival of the blooming almond tree photo agrigentocalling


In Easter in San Biagio Platani, there’s a celebration with the Easter Arches of San Biagio. The tradition has its origins in the seventeenth century and involves the preparation of the arches, but also of domes and bell towers that are on public display. The most important arch is the one that will be used on Easter for the meeting of Jesus and the Madonna. In the construction of the arches only natural materials are allowed and the most used are the laurel, reeds, willow, but also bread.

Archi di Pasqua in notturna

Easter Arches of San Biagio


In July in Agrigento there is the Celebration of San Calogero. During eight days of celebration, they celebrate many features and begin the pilgrimage to the sanctuary. On Sunday there is the solemn procession with the saint carried on the shoulders throughout the town. For the occasion votive bread of San Calogero is distributed, in memory of when he went around to pick it up and give it to the poor.


In July in Porto Empedocle there’s the Festival of the Sea. The event is linked to the celebration of the Madonna del Carmine, since in 1840 the fishermen started to dedicate, on July 16 a procession to the sea. It’s one of the oldest festivals in the village,which was born precisely as a fishing village.


In July in Favara, in the Farm Cultural Park, there’s The Second Life, a beautiful exhibition market that offers used products and objects. The aim of the event is to give a second life to objects, against waste and with cost and energy savings. Many of the used objects are transformed into new objects thanks to the imagination and the artistic quality of artisans and hobbyists.


In October in Raffadali there’s the Pistachio Festival. During the festival you can taste lots of desserts made with pistachios such as ice cream, cream, cakes, but also unexpected recipes such as pistachio pasta, sausage or pistachio pesto.

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