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The amazing archaeological sites & much more in Agrigento Area

Spending your holiday in Fontes Episcopi, situated in Aragona, in Agrigento district, in Sicily, will give you the possibility to visit the amazing archaeological sites & much more in Agrigento Area.


Near Realmonte there’s an impressive cathedral of salt. Excavated by the mine workers of salt 100 meters below ground, the cathedral can host 800 people, and hosts the mass for Santa Barbara, patron saint of miners, on the 4th of December of each year. In the walls are carved in low relief Santa Barbara, the Holy Family and Jesus Crucified.

Cattedrale di sale Realmonte (saltz)_opt

Cathedral of salt Realmonte photo saltz

The Tower of Monterosso is a watchtower on the coast, built in the sixteenth century to fight the Saracen invasions. It’s one of the best preserved watchtowers in the island.


The garden of Kolymbetra is located in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, and is a natural landscape protected by the FAI. In the same area there are archaeological remains of great importance that are still being discovered and studied.

The San Gerlando Cathedral was built in Norman – Gothic style, dating back to the twelfth century. Inside there are rich decorations and many works of art of great value as the paintings depicting the Martyrdom of St Erasmus and Our Lady of the Rosary.

The Abbey of the Holy Spirit is located in the old town center and was built in 1299. The portal is in Gothic style while the towers and the nave have the baroque influence of the seventeenth century. Inside there is the Triumphal Arch, with rich decorations made in putty representing the Glory of the Holy Trinity.

Temple of Concordia Valley of Temple

The Valley of the Temples is an archaeological site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s an one of the largest archaeological parks in the world and covers over 1300 hectares. There are 10 Doric temples, shrines and various Greek and Roman necropolis. the fortifications and the Roman Hellenistic district are still visible with the lower and upper Agora, and the boardroom.

The Archaeological Museum contains many artifacts found in the surrounding archaeological sites including many statues, pottery and everyday objects. It also includes various documents related to the excavations.

A Luigi Pirandello, nato ad Agrigento, sono dedicati il bellissimo teatro comunale e la biblioteca. E’ possibile visitare anche la casa natale dello scrittore.


The Castle of Chiaramonte, or Favara Castle, was built in 1270 to be used by Frederick II as a hunting lodge. The castle has a quadrilateral structure with a courtyard, and the walls are about 30 meters high. Today the Town of Favara uses the castle halls for cultural events and exhibitions.

Favara, Piazza Cavour e Castello Chiaramonte

Piazza Cavour and Castle of Chiaramonte Favara

The FARM Cultural Park is a wonderful initiative in Favara which hosts artists and architects, free to create and transform the urban landscape. In the park you will find colorful and modern works of art, color games, unconventional shapes, words and images.

The street of the writers is a route designed to raise awareness for the places that gave birth to the Sicilian writers and are the protagonists of numerous works. It’s a literary journey that also wants to promote the territory with everything it offers, including art, food, history and tradition.

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