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From the patronal festivals to theatrical performances, in Sicily


In February, in Catania there’s the Celebration of Sant’Agata, patron saint of the town. The inhabitants devote to their saint with an exceptional, engaging festival, rich in religious passion and folklore. There are two events, one in February to commemorate the martyrdom in 251 and one in August to commemorate the return of the relics to the hometown in 1126. For the occasion, the old town center of Catania is illuminated, and the saint is brought to Procession on the Vara, a small, rich and decorated little temple.

Celebration of Sant’Agata, Catania


In April, in San Gregorio di Catania there’s the Historic Cavalcade. This event is related to Easter and the celebrations for the patron saint. On the Monday of the angel there’s the famous horseback ride, a chivalrous joust preceded by a parade of ladies and knights. The saint is then carried on their shoulder in the streets of the town and acclaimed by the faithful.


In April, in Vizzini, in the district of Catania, there’s the Festival of Flavors and Knowledge. The festival has been held for over forty years and was first known as the ricotta and cheese festival, two typical high quality local products that are still the protagonists of the festival along with other delicacies. Today they combine good cooking with literature and art, also because we are in the land of the great author Giovanni Verga. Theatrical performances, book presentations and exhibitions are organized.


Between May and July, in Syracuse we can see different classical performances in the Greek theater. From Eschilo to Euripide, the works are brought back life in the fantastic frame of the Greek theatre of Syracuse, one of the most beautiful proofs of the Hellenic era.


In May, in Noto, there’s the infiorata. The streets of the town turn into an incredible flowered and multicolored carpet, with real paintings made exclusively with flower petals. Many of them have religious themes along with those dedicated to spring or abstract figures.

Celebration of Saint Lucia, Siracusa


In December, in Syracuse, there’s the celebration of Saint Lucia. The festival begins on December 13 and continues for a whole week to pay tribute to the patron saint of the town. The procession starts from the cathedral, with the wonderful silver statue of the saint and a wagon dating back to the 700. A costume procession accompanies the wagon calmly and solemnly. On December 20, the last day of celebration, called the “octave”, the procession takes the reverse path to return to church. On the same day a twinning is celebrated with Sweden, where St. Lucia is celebrated on December 13. Even if the traditions refer to girls who have lived in different ages, the similarities between the two saints are remarkable and both are considered “carriers of light.”

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