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Fresh pasta, ossobuco and cold cuts in the gastronomy of Siena

During your stay in Siena,  in Tuscany, you can taste fresh pasta, ossobuco and cold cuts in the gastronomy of Siena.

Ossobuco alla senese

The ossobuco of Siena is a tasty second course of meat. It is prepared with fried onion, celery and chopped carrots, and then tomato and basil for the sauce. Once ready, the sauce and the veal shanks are floured and browned in a pan with oil and butter, salt and pepper. They must be cooked carefully for twenty minutes and mixed with white wine, better vin santo. Later they’re added to the sauce to cook slowly for 40 minutes, or sometimes for an hour. Once ready, the ossobuco of Siena is left for half an hour, the sauce will become thick and narrow. A little patience is worth to enjoy this traditional dish that is so flavorful, served with homemade bread.


Pici with aglione photo cookingmydreams

Pici all’aglione

Pici with aglione are a typical dish of Tuscany. It is a pasta similar to spaghetti but coarser, prepared with water and flour, in some variants is also used the olive oil. The fresh pasta is prepared by rolling the dough on the table to shape the pici. This recipe needs the use of aglione, a special type of garlic that grows only in Tuscany and has a less strong flavor than the common garlic. The aglione name is also related to its dimensions, bigger and with less garlic cloves. The sauce is prepared with the aglione, crushed and fried in oil with the addition of red pepper. After the addition of tomato sauce, everything is baked just for a few minutes. This simple, rustic dish is not very known outside of Tuscany and will amaze you. Pic an also be seasoned with a rich sauce made with pork mince, used also in other regions of central Italy.

Salumi di cinta senese

The cured meats of Cinta Senese are typical of Tuscany. The Cinta Senese is a breed of pig with dark mantle that is distinguished by a white stripe on the collar, which gave rise to the name “cinta”. This pig has been bred in Siena since the Middle Ages, and its meat is used to produce numerous high quality gourmet meats. These include cured meats, loin, ham, lard, capocollo flavored with cooked wine, pancetta or bacon, finocchiona or sbriciolona, seasoned with fennel seeds, the cheek lard and the brawn. These products normally have a slow aging, and today are still made with traditional methods. They are perfect for appetizers and snacks, served with Tuscan bread slices, or to be added to many other recipes such as cakes, eggs, guinea fowl, salads, pasta and risotto.

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