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Discovering the most beautiful hamlets of Lake Garda

A sojourn at the great Agritourism Villa Bissiniga, located in Lombardy, near Bissiniga in Salò, District of Brescia, will allow you to visit some interesting places such as Salò and Gardone Riviera.


Founded by the Romans, Salò oversees the lovely and renowned Lake Garda. The origins of its name have not been cleared yet. According to some, it could be connected to an Etruscan queen, others claim that the town was originally a salt stock, and others again believe it originates from the Latin salus, since it was a place where Roman soldiers were looked after; the latter hypothesis, in particular, could be confirmed by the presence of an important Roman necropolis.

Of particular value, as for religious architecture, surely is its Duomo, entitled to Santa Maria Annunziata, built in late-gothic style, in which some valuable works are preserved. As for secular architecture,  Podestà Palace,   Fantoni Palace (XV Century) and  San Rocco Leper Hospital deserve particular attention.


Salo view

Gardone Riviera

When staying at the great agritourism Villa Bissiniga, located in Lombard, near Bissiniga in Salò, District of Brescia, you can also pay a visit to Gardone Riviera.

Gardone Riviera, characterised by its typical Central-European atmosphere, is one of the most famous tourist destinations overseeing Lake Garda. It has been inhabited since the Roman times, afterwards its territory was occupied by the Langobards. During the XVI Century, Gardone Riviera became a possession of the Republic of Venice.

Then, since 1815, it belonged to the Lombard-Venetian Reign, and to the Italian Kingdom after the Second War of Independence. This tourist destination is also famous due to the presence of the Vittoriale degli Italiani, national monument and work conceived by  architect Giancarlo Maroni. It is a truly wonderful monumental citadel, which oversees Lake Garda, and, from 1921 to 1938, it was Gabriele D’Annunzio’s home.

Gardone Riviera offers to all its visitors nature, culture, and history. It is an astonishing location sprinkled with beautiful historic palaces and wonderful old villas, like the lovely Villa Alba. The Botanical Garden is definitely a place particularly full of sensuality and magic. Another thing nobody coming to Gardone Riviera should miss is the traditional tour on boat on Lake Garda, and the relaxing walk along its pleasant lakefront.

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