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Discovering the Friulian festivals

Staying at the welcoming Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli, located in Ragogna  near San Daniele In Friuli, district of Udine  in Friuli, it will be possible to take part in  the many feasts and discovering the Friulian festivals and traditions.

Sapori Pro Loco

Villa Manin in Codroipo, district of Udine  in Friuli, becomes a relevant place, a kind of strengthened showcase in which the cultural and  Friulian wine-and-food   traits can be found, thanks to the efforts of the Pro Loco association. Not without reason, the slogan of Sapori Pro Loco (Pro Loco Flavours) is “Living the Friuli Venezia Giulia – Typicality, Savour, Traditions”.

Thanks to this event, the ancient traditions of this wonderful territory are highlighted, as well as the several important wine-making businesses of Friuli. The most peculiar and unique recipes of the regional tradition are going to be undisputed protagonists. An explosion of perfumes and countless flavours that will leave even the most refined tastes satisfied and amazed.

The five-day schedule is particularly rich of a number of side activities, which increase even more the value of the plan. There are many chances of cultural study and entertainment, through recreational activities and historic commemorations, the set-up of musical events, exhibitions of musical bands, choirs, concerts, but also theatrical shows, naturalistic hikes, guided tours, expositions in farms, extra opening of museums, and much more.

Codroipo Sapori di Pro Loco a Villa Manin

Codroipo Sapori di Pro Loco a Villa Manin

Festa del Prosciutto

The San Daniele ham, world-renowned, has achieved the DOP trademark since 1996. It is an aged raw ham, which is produced exclusively in San Daniele del Friuli  by 31 companies that have joined to the Consortium.

The economy of San Daniele del Friuli, a municipality that counts about eight thousands of inhabitants and develops on 35 square kilometres, is almost uniquely based on the production and aging of the famous ham. It is here that an interesting exhibition takes place, called Aria di festa (Feast atmosphere), where the ham is the protagonist.

The exhibition, four-day-lasting, takes place on the 27th of June and it ends on the 30th of the same month, and its undisputed protagonist, made in Italy, it is exactly the San Daniele ham. Performances, eventsmusic, and savours will make San Daniele del Friuli a wonderful open-pit stage. A great occasion to toast with the Friulian, a typical wine, and the other fine regional wines, as well as the best Bavarian beers.

Moreover, there will be available some IGP and DOP Italian products, like the Taleggio cheese, the Valpadana Provolone cheese, the Cherry tomato, the Bread from the Altamura, the La Bella Olive from the Daunia, the Buffalo milk mozzarella from Campania, the Gran  Padano, the Gorgonzola, the aromatic vinegar from Modena, and three great Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands, like the Riviera Ligure, the Val di Mazara, and the Classic Chianti. The collaboration with the AICIG makes all that possible.

Rievocazione storica della Macia

From August 15th, in Spilimbergo, district of Pordenone, people celebrate the Giornate della Macia, a glimpse to the past, amongst traditions and history of the local community  in a commemoration of the 16th century.

From August 15th to August 18th, along the alleys of the old town of Spilimbergo, there is  a  medieval atmosphere. An ancient  atmosphere  the peculiarity of which lies in the historical artisan workshops. The porches are full of various goods  and the many inns will serve as rest stop for the many visitors. The commemoration is a sparkling of emotions, also thanks to the usage of old costumes refined in the tiniest details.

The whole town, during this epic remembrance, is jauntily involved. It is an amazing window of time, through which it will be possible to observe common people in the streets and squares, being busy in their daily activities, as well as bourgeois people, negotiating businesses, gathered in small groups, and nobles, taking their calm walks. You may meet panhandlersacrobats, and jesters.

There will be even the Count’s arm-bearers, who are going to oversee the town, from the courtyard of the castle, along with a large crowd of soldiers and archers. The spirit of the festival is enriched by a tight schedule. It begins, during the Palio dell’Assunta, with the traditional tournament of tug of war and with the typical athletics challenges among the different hamlets.

Then, the historical remembrance of the Macia will take place, with hundreds of walkers-on who will  pay homage to the Count. Within the thick schedule, there is also a day entirely dedicated to the children, including various historic team games. The exhibition will end with the traditional Castellana Dinner, where a sole huge table will cross and unite the whole old town of Spilimbergo.

Udine Friuli doc photo emotionlab

Udine Friuli doc foto emotionlab

Friuli Doc

Halfway between mountains and sea, enclosed by verdant and gentle hills and the gilded cols of the vineyards, where the most precious Friulian products find their origin , there is Udine. Every year, this town hosts  in its streets and in its most beautiful squares and marvellous old town, the Friuli doc, an exhibition that takes place in the same time of the grape harvest.

Squares and streets are livened up from the morning to late night, creating a unique and involving atmosphere. Through the whole old town, in the numerous stands, it will be possible to taste the best products that the generous Friulian territory has to offer, such as grappaswinescjarsonsfrico,Montasio cheeseSaurisSan Daniele ham, and much more.

The schedule is truly rich with many surprising events. In fact, it is given the opportunity to alternate the sampling of the wine-and-food treasures of Friuli with involving events, always fully respecting the most ancient and noble local traditions, such as performances, handcrafted products, exhibitions, and art expositions.

It surely is an event of great acclaim,in which people can take part, staying at the welcoming Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli, located in Ragogna, district of Udine  in Friuli.

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