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Devotion, food and music in the feasts of Palermo area


On Easter in Terrasini there’s the Festival of the Schietti. The festival consists in a test of devotion and strength, the candidates, strictly bachelors, must support a 50 kg melangolo. The Melangolo is a tree of bitter orange, and the tree cutting is itself a ritual that starts the Saturday before Easter. Then the tree will be decorated with colored ribbons and carried around the streets of the village. On Easter Sunday the tree is blessed and the bachelors bring it under the house of their beloved to prove their strength.


In June in Terrasini there is the Festival of the Fried Fish, it is a great fish frying, the padellata. The festival is linked to the celebrations for St. Peter, the patron saint of Terrasini and protector of fishermen. It consists in a sea procession during which a key-shaped wreath is thrown to represent the key of St. Peter. This gesture is conducive to good fishing.

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Festival of Santa Rosalia photo livesicilia


In July in Palermo there’s the Festival of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of the town. To Santa Rosalia is attributed the miracle of the end of the plague. The first procession dates back to 1625 when the relics were brought for the first time around the town. Today the float that carries them is shaped like a ship, about 10 meters high and pulled by oxen. Its journey, from the cathedral to the sea, is a path from death to life. By the sea, the procession ends with the fireworks.


In September in Sferracavallo there is the Festival of Saints Cosma and Damiano. This small fishing village pays tribute to the patron saints protectors of fishermen and sick people. The characteristic of the procession is a fast pace through the streets of the village. In the seventeenth century in fact, the saints were brought in front of all the houses where sick people lived, in order to please everyone they proceeded quickly, almost running. Today the procession maintains this tradition and its passage is festive and cheerful. The bearers of the vara still walk barefoot as a sign of devotion with the typical white dress and red handkerchiefs.


In August in Terrasini there’s Cult Fest. A festival that consists of various events, it takes place in a couple of days in the promenade of Terrasini where there are concerts, art exhibitions, craft markets exhibiting many items made with traditional and modern techniques, many tastings of typical dishes, books and cultural events. The festival has recent origins, and has already attracted thousands of visitors, thanks to the dates near to Ferragosto.

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