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Appetizers, first and second courses with meat in Arezzo area

During your stay in the B&B Casa Bellavista, situated in Cortona in Arezzo district, in Toscana, you can taste appetizers, first and second courses with meat in Arezzo area.

Pici all’aglione

The Pici all’aglione are a typical Tuscan dish. Pici are a fresh pasta similar to rustic coarse spaghetti fairly widespread in central Italy. Characteristic of Tuscany is the seasoning that is prepared with plenty of crushed garlic and sauté in olive oil, with the addition of red pepper. Then the tomatoes are added and the sauce is cooked for a few minutes. Despite the fast and easy preparation pici all’aglione are a flavorful and tasty dish! The aglione is a special type of garlic in the Siena area, today is not very common and is produced by a few farmers of the Slow Food presidium, it’s almost impossible to find them in the rest of Italy, its flavor is less intense than what we are used to.

Pici all’aglione photo seriouseats

Anatra al finocchio selvatico

The duck with wild fennel is a second dish of meat that you can prepare with the entire duck or with the chest. In both the ways you have to prepare a stuffing of wild fennel, bacon or lard, garlic, salt, pepper, oil. Once stuffed, the duck meat is drizzled with oil and sprinkled with fennel seeds also externally. In the traditional version the whole duck was filled, and then put in the oven, it is now very common to use the chest and roll it with the filling inside. At the end of the cooking cut it into slices. This dish was traditionally reserved for feast days and Sundays.

Crostini Neri

The black crostini are a tasty appetizer typical of Arezzo, they are prepared for Sundays and during the holidays. The black crostini are made with rustic Tuscan bread with a tasty cream of a dark color. Today there are several variations of this cream, but the main ingredient is chopped chicken liver prepared in a pan with oil, salt, pepper, broth, capers, anchovies and vin santo. You can also find versions with the addition of ground meat or chopped celery, carrots and onion. The result should always be a smooth paste, to spread on bread and serve warm, accompanied with red wines.

Spelt soup photo blog.toscana

Zuppa di farro

The spelt soup is a Tuscan dish typically prepared in autumn. It is made with pearl spelt, beans, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, vegetable broth and herbs such as rosemary. Like all soups there are many variants, and because of the peasant origin, the doses were always different depending on the availability of ingredients. When cooked, the spelt soup is sprinkled with black pepper and accompanied by toasted Tuscan bread. For a real Tuscan recipe you can use the Garfagnana spelt, an ancient product of poor origin, which has been recognized IGP and which is used for many recipes, from soups to desserts.

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