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The small villages in the Madonie Regional Park in Sicily

During your holiday in La Masseria Susafa situated in Polizzi Generosa, in Palermo district, in the Madonie Park, in Sicily, you can visit the small villages in the Madonie Regional Park in Sicily.


This pretty village has ancient origins dating back to the sixth century B.C. as evidenced by the necropolis and the archaeological sites in the area. In the village you can visit the Cathedral Church of St. Maria Maggiore, among the beautiful works kept inside, we find the Flemish pictorial triptych depicting the Virgin and Child, and the silver urn of San Gandolfo.


The small village of Petralia Soprana experienced a great development during the Norman period when the castle was built. It hosts the Convent of the Reformed Minor Friars, built in 1611 which includes the Baroque church, the cloister and a beautiful park.

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Petralia Sottana


In Petralia Sottana we find the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1531, it contains many works of that time, with Spanish influence. Among the most important masterpieces there’s the Altarpiece of Gagini.

The church of Saint Francis was built in the fifteenth century. Inside we can admire Baroque frescoes of great value. The convent adjoining the church houses the Civic Museum.




Gangi is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Here we can admire the Castle of Ventimiglia or Gangi Castle, built in the thirteenth century, but converted into a palace in the seventeenth, the original defensive structure is still visible with two lateral square towers. The castle chapel on the left of the facade, is now the Church of Monte.

The Palace Bongiorno was built in the mid-eighteenth century and the rooms of the second floor are decorated with beautiful frescoes, mostly with a religious theme.

The Shrine of the Holy Spirit was built in the thirteenth century, but inside we find a prevalently baroque style. What remains of original church is a beautiful fresco of Christ Pantocrator.

The Mother Church of St. Nicholas is located in the main square of Gangi, adjacent to the Tower of Ventimiglia. These two buildings united to rule the square create a suggestive atmosphere. Inside the church we can admire the Last Judgment, the frescoes of the eighteenth century and the crypt.


Geraci is also one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and offers many points of interest to visit. Among the most important points we find the Watering place of the Holy Trinity, built by the Ventimiglia family. There are also the characteristic two side fountains made of rocks with a pyramid on top, and the central basin.


Watering place of the Holy Trinity Geraci

The Geraci Castle originated in the Byzantine period, but the Normans and then the Ventimiglia turned it into a fortress. The castle was considered inaccessible due to its strategic location and designed to resist for a long time in case of siege. Today we can see the ruins with part of the towers and the tanks. In the perimeter of the castle there is the Church of St. Anne. Francesco Ventimiglia built it, probably on an existing building, inside there are the relics of Saint Anne, the painting of the Nativity, and an ancient stoup. On July 26 in the Church there’s the celebration for St. Anne.

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