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Comacchio, which is located in the province of Ferrara, plays a role of primary importance for its historical aspect and for its landscape among those that arise in the Delta del Po.

Comacchio, with ancient origin, was at first ruled by the Esarcato of Ravenna and later by the Ducato of Ferrara and after that it joined definitively the Papal States.

One of the prestigious testimony of its former glory is its Duomo, dating from the eighth century AD and dedicated to San Cassiano. Regarded as a symbol of the hamlet, the Trepponti is an interesting architectural complex designed by Luca Danesi in 1634. In addition, the Roman Ship Museum and the famous Loggiato dei Cappuccini, which is over four hundred meters long and consists of 142 arches and as many marble columns, are of particular value and interest.

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Mesola, in the province of Ferrara, which was built in Roman times, became later a possession of the Esarcato of Ravenna, the Papal States and also of the Estensi. It was actually with the Lords of Ferrara that it reached the period of its maximum splendor, as evidenced by the famous Este Castle located in piazza Umberto I, which was built by order of Alfonso II d’Este in the second half of the sixteenth century. The Museum housed inside is also to be visited.


Abbazia di Pomposa

Abbazia di Pomposa

The Pomposa Abbey is located in Codigoro in the province of Ferrara. Dating from the ninth century, it is one of the most important abbeys in northern Italy.

Consecrated in 1026, its oldest part dates back to the turn of the seventh and ninth centuries. Being famous for the presence of the amanuensi monks, during the Middle Ages it had a considerable importance as a cultural center. 

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