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The cookery of King Barolo

Brasato al Barolo

The Beef braised in Barolo offers the opportunity to taste one of the typical dishes of the Piedmontese cookery, dominated by the Barolo. It is an excellent stew that is cooked for a long time in this sensational wine.

Typically, the meat used for the Beef braised in Barolo is the beef from the fassone race, typical Piedmontese race bred following some strict constraints. The cuts chosen for it are the “priest’s hat”, from the front quarter, or the “roast of the vein”.

The peculiar and unique features of Barolo exalt, divinely, this amazing dish. The prolonged cooking, besides making the meat tenderer, glorify the flavour of aromas, such as vegetables, herbs, and spices. In order to obtain an even more rousing taste, sometimes they leave the meat marinating for about half day in room-temperature, and then it is cooked.

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Brasato al Barolo Photo Eat snooth

Risotto al Barolo

In the typical Piedmontese cookery, the Kind is undoubtedly the Barolo.

In fact, the Barolo, renowned wine, made famous also the Risotto with Barolo, which is a dish that, according to the legend, it seems it was much liked by Camillo Benso Count of Cavour. The secret of the preparation of this delicious and renowned Piedmontese traditional dish comes right from the mix of an excellent rice with its majesty Barolo.

The original version of the recipe of the Risotto with Barolo requires the rice to be seasoned with this kind of wine, pouring one ladle of broth and one of Barolo, until when the rice has absorbed all of that.

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Risotto al Barolo Photo Easy recipes

Canestrelli del canavese

The Canavese canestrelli have ancient origins. It is told that these typical sweets from the Canavese area come even from the Medieval Age. According to the tradition, their name should come right from the woven wicker bins, called canestrelli. These bins were used to place these delicious sweets after their cooking.

In order to give their forge, which recalls a small marble, the Canavese canestrelli are first manually operated, then cooked using a tool called cast-iron pincer, to preserve the original shape of the Canestrelli. The waffle dimensions depend on the size of the marbles. There are two versions of them: the first with cocoa, the second with vanilla.

Torta di cardi

The Cardoons cake is traditional and savoury appetizer belonging to the Piedmontese cookery; we have here an incredible use of the cardoon, original and tasty ingredient.

Its preparation requires the cardoons to be, earlier, breaded and fried, then placed on a buttered baking tray with some parmesan cheese, and finally baked in the oven.

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