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Religious celebrations, flowers and chocolate in Ragusa area

During your stay in one of our beautiful properties in Sicilia, you can take part to religious celebrations, flowers and chocolate in Ragusa area.


On the occasion of St. Joseph on the 19th of March in Scicli there is the Cavalcade of St. Joseph. This ride is organized in detail and is characterized by the trappings of the horses, that are cheerful and colorful. Some blankets are prepared with flowers and leaves representing religoius scenes to be placed on the back of the horse. Along the route of the ride the inhabitants prepare bonfires to welcome the saint and accompany him on the way to the church.


On Easter, in Modica, there is the procession with the Madonna vasa vasa. These are two processions, one accompanying the Madonna and the other accompanying Jesus, they start from two different churches until they meet in the square. The two statues then kiss and hug. That’s the reason of the name Madonna vasa vasa (kiss kiss).

madonna vasa vasa (pasqualions)_opt

Madonna Vasa Vasa photo pasqualions


At the end of April in Modica there’s the Feast of St. George, patron saint of the town. The festival is characterized by a procession made almost running, the bearers of the statue, “Sangiorgiari”, quickly proceed to simulate a horse race. The race is exhausting and lasts until late in the evening when inside the church they turn several times with the saint, and only the carriers can decide when the ride is over.


In May in Scicli there’s the Feast of the Virgin of the Militia. It is said that the Virgin Mary was the protagonist of the battle between Christians and Saracens in 1091, and thanks to her intercession the battle was won by the Christians. The Madonna of the militia is represented armed on horseback. The festival then has a beautiful, historic re-enactment of the battle.


The 3rd weekend of May there’s the Flower Festival in Noto. All the streets are decorated with pots of flowers and compositions, but the soul of the festival are artists who create paintings on the roads in via Nicolaci using only dried flowers. The road turns into a riot of colors, from geometric shapes to religious subjects, the paintings are real works of art.

ibla busker (youtube)_opt

Ibla Buskers


In October in Ragusa Ibla there’s the Ibla Buskers. In an exceptional stage formed by squares and buildings of the beautiful baroque old town center, many street artists such as jugglers, musicians and storytellers perform to create a magical atmosphere loved by adults and children.


In December in Modica there’s the Chocobarocco. This event is perfect for the run-up to the holiday season, every year attracts thousands of visitors. Organized in the old town center of Modica, the event is dedicated to artisan chocolate in all its forms, we will see and we will taste cakes, creams, chocolates with the most original flavors, compositions, chocolate sculptures in a real show.

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