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Palio di Asti , Truffle fair and delicacies from Monferrato

During your stay at the lovely  Locanda Dell’Arte located in Piedmont, in Solonghello (District of Alessandria), will allow you to admire and take part to the typical traditions and customs of the Monferrato area.


Monferrato certainly is a peculiar territory, rich of unique personalities, products, and history. In the eve of spring, it becomes a sort of show room. In fact, thanks to Golosaria, visitors will have the chance to experience great emotions in some kind of luxurious itinerant festival that takes place time after time in the many hamlets spread all around this wonderful territory. On the occasion of Golosaria, castles are open to the public, and it will be possible to taste food belonging to the best cookery traditions gathered by this unique event, coming from all over Italy.


In May, the probably greatest and most varied kermesse starts. The protagonists of this event are, since ten years ago, the Rice and the Roses. Following the route of the river, or wandering around the flourishing hills, by bike or walking, will be possible to admire not only markets and lovely exhibitions of the several typical products of this territory, but also artisanship and flowers, photography and art exhibits, set within a wonderful frame made of churches, monuments, castles, and hamlets of high historical profile.

Rice and Roses is a unique opportunity to try the traditional cookery of Monferrato. The core of the event is obviously Casale Monferrato, where a number of artistic events and many exhibitions related to culture and food-and-wine take place, placed within an historical frame that is undoubtedly noteworthy, such as the Synagogue, Piazza Mazzini, the Gardens of the Defence, the City Theatre, and the famous Castle of Monferrato.


The famous Palio di Asti is undoubtedly an unmissable and traditional event that marks out the Piedmontese autumn. A sojourn at the lovely Locanda Dell’Arte, located in Piedmont, in Solonghello (District of Alessandria), will provide visitors with the occasion to take part to an involving event that cover every single corner of Asti with colourful flags, in which participate 21 horses at the rope and many walkers-on wearing the traditional medieval costume. It is an event that, routinely, takes place in September and involves every person in Asti, making it revive its ancient glories.

1. Il palio di Asti

Palio di Asti


The extremely fragrant Fair of the Truffle, which takes place in Murisengo, has ancient origins, since it roots in the farmer tradition, in 1530. Since 1967, it represents a unique chance to taste some ancient farmer flavours.


In Moncalvo, in December, it occurs the Antica sagra del bue grasso (ancient feast of the fat ox), which is an hymn entirely dedicated to the fine fassone beef of Piedmontese breed. This traditional event, which is always successful, endorses the products coming from this same territory, and it offers all the participants the great opportunity to appreciate every tradition of this area.

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