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Middle Ages and science in the Valley of Temples


In late February in Agrigento there is the Medieval Night. This historical commemoration is organized in coincidence with the celebration of San Gerlando, the patron saint of the town. There is a parade through the streets of the town to represent the arrival of Gerlando in Sicily during the twelfth century. The festivities continue throughout the night with folk dancing, medieval games, musicians and flag wavers, from the Duomo square up to the Cathedral of San Gerlando.

sagra del mandorlo (agrigentocalling)_opt

Almond Blossom Festival Agrigento photo agrigentocalling


Between February and March, in Agrigento, there’s the Almond Blossom Festival. This festival is dedicated to one of the finest fruits of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, it has exceeded 70 editions. During the program there are conferences, exhibitions, workshops and of course tastings of dishes made of almonds and. Since about 9 years the Mandorlara has been added to this festival, with a lot of restaurants that offer the opportunity to choose whole menus dedicated to almonds and challenge for those who will cook the best dish!


In May in Casteltermini, there is the Festival of Tataratà, a folkloristic festival that includes Arab costumes to the sound of big drums. The Tataratà group participates in the parade for the Feast of the Holy Cross, the religious celebration that represents the discovery of one of the oldest wooden crosses, discovery that took place in the sixteenth century. The procession goes around the village to end ate the hermitage of Santa Croce where the blessing is given.

Sagra del Tataratà casteltermini (canicattiweb)_opt

Festival of Tataratà Casteltermini photo canicattiweb


In July, in Porto Empedocle, there’s the Festival of the Sea. Since 1955 the Festival of the Sea is an event that is associated to the celebrations of Madonna del Carmine, with a suggestive sea procession with the statue of the Madonna, lights, colors and boats that drive the stretch of sea in front of Porto Empedocle . The festival is traditionally dedicated to the fishermen who were the first, in 1840, to decide to pay homage to their patron saint.


In July in Favara, at the Farm Cultural Park, there is The Second Life, an exhibition dedicated to handmade and vintage items. Second life, a second life for used items that are simply recycled or transformed into other creations. The streets of Favara turn into a colorful market full of ideas and surprising objects, to promote the ethics of recycling and reuse.


In August, in various locations in the Valley of the Temples there’s the Festival of Science. A week full of events to understand science and progress through seminars and conferences for adults and children. You can study physics and mathematics with soap bubbles, measure time with the sun, know how the rockets work, and for the most adventurous people there’s the lunar landing simulator! Have fun!

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