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Celebrations and food festivals in western Liguria


In Apricale in February there’s the event dedicated to the most romantic people, in conjunction with Valentine’s day and the days after: the FESTA DELL’AMORE. In this occasion the whole village is festively decorated, there are special dancing, musical and theatre events. A particular attention goes to the flowers, with their exposure in the Castello della Lucertola, for a festival that celebrates love and awaits the arrival of spring.


In Ventimiglia, between July and August, the DESBARATU’ awaits you with its crowded and cheerful mix of stands where you can find awesome bargains. Desbaratu, which in Liguria means low price, to sell off, has its origin at the beginning of the century and today it is still an important annual event that attracts lots of visitors. This event is a real festival with jugglers performances, musicians and dancers that parade through the town.


On the first days of June, in Vignola, you can take part to the most important festival of this beautiful town: IT’S THE TIME OF CHERRIES 

If you love this delicious fruit, you can’t lose a festival where it is the protagonist, with the roads of the town centre full of farmers presenting different kinds of cherries, including the Mora di Vignola. There will also be many delicious dishes, as the giant tart, that is obviously filled with cherry jam and was given to the visitors in the last 2015 edition.


Agosto Medievale


In the beautiful Alassio, there’s the MISS MURETTO competition, that has been one of the most important beauty contests in our country for more the 60 years. This summer contest has always been a point of reference and an occasion in Alassio town, and all the coast in Liguria, to celebrate summer and organize different events appreciated by inhabitants and tourists that choose this place for their holidays. Since 2014 there’s no more the beauty contest, but the famous Muretto is still in the middle of the new initiative LA GRAN CAGNARA with music and other shows all night.


In mid-September in Molini di Triora the SNAIL FESTIVAL has been celebrated for more than 50 years. If you love this delicious dish you can take part to the contest La Lumaca d’oro and try to win the first prize, with the presentation of a snail dish, cooked with the shell! There’s also the funny “snail race” that awaits you for a unique experience! In addition to the snail, the festival also offers the tasting of many other typical dishes in Liguria, like pasta with boar sauce, or the boar with polenta, typical desserts, rostelle, sausage and olives. Everything accompanied by music and dances.

Badalucco-sagra_stoccafisso munta_opt

Festival dello stoccafisso


On the third Sunday of September, in Badalucco there’s STOCKFISH FESTIVAL, this festival has been a nice habit for more than 40 years. The main dish is the Stoccafisso a Baucogna, a gastronomic excellence in Liguria. The legend linked to this famous fish tells that thanks to the stocks of this fish the inhabitants of the town had the possibility to survive during the Saracen siege and avoid the invasion.

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