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The evocative hamlets of Ragogna, San Daniele del Friuli

Taking advantage of the comfortable sojourn at the Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli  in Ragogna(Udine) in the region of Friuli it is possible to visit the evocative hamlets of Ragogna, San Daniele del Friuli.

Ragogna and its enchanting alleys

The many rural villas in the wide area of Ragogna (Udine), where visitors can find the great Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli  in Friuli, are witnesses of the Roman times. In times of the Lombard realm, it became an important centre, and in the 15th century  it became a possession of the Venetian Republic. A place that must not be missed by those who stay at the Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli  in Friuli  in the district of Udine. It was the centre of cruel combats during  World War I.

Castelli di Pieve di San Pietro_e

Pieve di San Pietro

A past rich of history that can be experienced by walking through its lovely streets, rich of ancient testimonies, like the ruins of the Castle of St. Peter, built during the 12th Century. Of particular value are the Pieve of St. Peter in Castello, the neo-gothic church of St. Peter, and the parish church of Pignano, dating back to the 18th century. Inside the Church of St. Lorenzo, one can admire frescoes from the 11th century, while in the Church of St. Giovanni in Monte there are  preserved frescoes from the 14th century. If you stay at  Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli, a few minutes away from the centre of Ragogna in Friuli, you will have the chance to be surrounded by this magical atmosphere.

San Daniele del Friuli, the home of the good ham

Renowned worldwide for its famous ham, San Daniele del Friuli  in the district of Udine  is a destination you must not miss, when you are enjoying your vacations   at  Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli, which is within the District of Udine  at the gates of the hamlet of Ragogna.

The history of San Daniele del Friuli of Udine has been shaped by the majestic Tagliamento River. Of great value and interest  is the Guarneri Library, founded in 1466. Moreover, it belongs to the most ancient Italian libraries. Inside there are precious and ancient handwritten codes  and rare editions with great miniatures.


San Daniele del Friuli view

Of particular historical and architectonical interest is the Duomo of St. Michele Arcangelo with its museum, next to the courtyard of the old hospital, the famous Casa del 300, an ancient house that still stands after the furious bombing by the allies, who  in  World War II  nearly razed San Daniele del Friuli to the ground.

A must-see, starting a tour from the Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli, could be the Church of St. Antonio Abate, inside which you still can admire frescoes painted between the 15th and the 16th century  and Porta Gemona, designed in 1579 by Andrea Palladio.

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