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Seadas, roasted pig and culurgiones among the typical recipes of Sardinia, in Santa Teresa di Gallura

In Sardinia, you can enjoy the ancient recipes of this beautiful region.

Roasted pig

The roasted pig, called porceddu in  Sardinian, is a symbol of the island’s cuisine. The recipe was probably born in the center of the isle, today known everywhere. The piglet, raised outdoors, is a suckling pig with very tender meat and a thin rind. The traditional cooking requires the meat on the spit. The delicacy of the meat does not require particular seasonings but a little salt. In many restaurants and agritourism you can taste the Sardinian, served on a traditional cork tray and a bed of myrtle branches that will add a delicate aroma to the meat.


Chiusoni is a kind of fresh pasta similar to gnocchi. The chiusoni is a typical pasta from Gallura and is made with durum wheat semolina and salted boiling water. Their consistency is particularly rough and is perfect for a tomato sauce. Traditionally they were prepared in the summer, and their shape is made with the back of a basket. Then they need to dry before cooking.


Zuppa quata

Zuppa quata is a typical  soup from  Gallura. It is a dish of poor origins, but tasty and nutrient. It is prepared with stale bread and fresh cheese. Bread and cheese are placed in layers on a baking dish and sprinkled with broth. Then the soup is cooked in the oven, until the bread absorbs the broth and the cheese is completely melted. Once ready, the soup is practically solidified and is cut into slices. The recipe lends itself to the use of carasau bread instead of stale bread, which adds crunchiness to the dish.


Culurgiones is  a  fresh stuffed pasta recipe, typical of Central Sardinia. They are also called Sardinian ravioli, but  compared to the classic ravioli common to other regions of Italy,  culurgiones have a particular shape and filling. The Culurgiones have an bun shape, similar to a large drop, which is closed with a particular spiky weave made by hand. The culurgiones of Ogliastra IGP contain a filling made with Sardinian pecorino, potatoes, garlic and mint. However there are many variations throughout the island that involve the use of different types of cheese, with or without potatoes, with or without mint.



The seadas is  a typical dessert known throughout Sardinia. The origins date back to pastoral customs as the main ingredient is cheese. In ancient times the seadas were not a dessert, but were consumed during the meal. Their round shape recalls that of a large stuffed ravioli, with the dough made of durum wheat semolina and lard, with a pecorino cheese filling. The cheese can be raw or cooked, it is slightly acidic and is flavored with lemon peel. In some variants, you can find cow’s cheese. The seadas are fried and served hot while the cheese is melted. You can garnish with honey or with a sprinkling of sugar.


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