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La Stazione dell’Acqua

Via Località Sorressamont, , , Rooms: 6 / Apartments: 2 / Opening dates: always open from € 100 - to € 120

La Stazione dell’Acqua, in Introd Valsavarenche, is located in a strategic position in Aosta Valley. Immersed in the woods at 1,100 m above sea level, it is located at the confluence between Valsavaranche and Val di Rhêmes. With half an hour’s drive it is possible to reach renowned locations such as: La Thuille, Courmayeur, Cogne and the historic center of Aosta. But what particularly enhances La Stazione dell’Acqua is its location on the borders of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest and largest in Italy.

Thanks to a hike in the Gran Paradiso National Park, the owners, Elena and Marco, bumped into an edifice built in 1923 at the same time of the institution of the National Park, used as a dwelling house of the guardians of a small lagoon, which still exists. Immediately “the intuition that it could become a place to rest our soul, to share, kicked off in an instant”, they say. The background is truly unique, a jewel of Valsavarenche in Aosta Valley. “A place that fully satisfies the desire to escape from noise, from the information circus, from the too bright lights  and from the crowd, to rediscover, in La Stazione dell’Acqua, perfumes and sounds of nature, to dedicate time to good reading, pleasant conversations  and decent yet intense meetings.” The name itself encloses these objectives: ““Station”, because we thought it as a place of breaks and meetings, and “Water” due to its connection to the surroundings: we are right between the waters “entre-eaux” of Introd.”

La Stazione dell’Acqua, wisely restored by Luca, is a brickwork two-stories building, with stone corners and a sloping roof, adorned with long wooden balconies. The common area in the ground floor opens to the surrounding nature and mountains through wide glass walls. The colours of its six rooms remind of the colours of the woods, with grey and green shades, and wooden planks as flooring that match  well with the in-sight stones and bricks. Each room is provided with access to the balcony, furnished in a traditional way, with some antiques that enhance the ambiences. Elena takes care with pleasure of the preparation of appetizing dinners served in the dining room, enlightened by the fireplace in winter The relaxing area and the sauna with chrome therapy are ideal at the end of a day spent around the mountains and the woods of Valsavarenche, in Aosta Valley.