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Villa Galimberti

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 4, (LC) - Rooms: 5 / Opening dates: February - December from € 190 - to € 270

Villa Galimberti lies in Osnago, a charming village of Roman origin in Brianza, Lombardy, a holiday destination for Milanese nobility since the 1600s. This town is in fact home to other notable historic residences, part of the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) circuit. The Galimberti family, which still owns the Villa, founded the eponymous textile factory in 1856, which launched the town’s industrial and urban development and laid the foundations of a welfare state by valuing health, education and the protection of the most vulnerable. Osnago is located within the Montevecchia and Curone Valley Regional Park and a few kilometers from the North Adda Regional Park. Guests can play golf, enjoy trekking and beautiful walks, horseback rides and bicycle rides, discovering natural beauty such as the Sartirana Lake and the Brivio swamp or monumental aspects such as hydraulic engineering works such as Leonardo’s locks at Trezzo sull’Adda, the Paderno bridge, the workers’ village of Crespi d’Adda or the Visconti fortifications along the course of the Adda that have arisen over the centuries. Another destination of great interest is the village of Montevecchia from which there is a magnificent view of terraced vineyards, famous for wine and cheese production. Osnago’s strategic location makes it possible to reach in a short time Milan, Monza, Lecco, Bergamo and beautiful villages overlooking Lake Como, such as Bellagio, Varenna, Mandello.

Villa Galimberti, in Osnago, Lombardy, still preserves its cultural and artistic heritage through its furnishings, paintings and furniture that tell the story of the families who have lived there from 1780 to date. Above the main entrance there is a Latin inscription: “Those who enter will be regarded as friends” as a testimony to the hospitality and care always dedicated to guests. Outdoors, the Villa features a beautiful porch with seven arches on its north side. Indoors, you can admire the original Lombard terracotta floors, the frescoed wooden coffered ceilings, in particular, those of the library and the west hall. The sleeping area is located on the second floor of the Villa’s noble wing and houses two Suites, one of which consists of two large adjoining rooms for four or five guests, and four large 25 m2 Rooms, each with a modern and stylish private bathroom. A long corridor divides the rooms that overlook the park from those that look toward the entrance courtyard. Each room is dedicated to extraordinary women who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries: the two Suites, Cristina (Cristina Trivulzio di Beljoioso) and Gaetana (Maria Gaetana Agnesi); and the four Rooms, Clara (Clara Maffei), Giuseppina (Giuseppina Strepponi), Edeltraud (Edeltraud Maria Galimberti) and Maria (Maria Tagliani). The park houses monumental plants and numerous tree species, such as the last specimens of field elms, the tallest gingko biloba in Lombardy, and two rare specimens of royal oak and deodar cedar, both centuries old.

Guests will discover a wide variety of services nearby Villa Galimberti – a restaurant with a wine shop, a seafood restaurant, two pizzerias, a pharmacy, a pastry café, a bakery, a butcher’s shop, and two convenience stores. Upon request, personalized and thematic itineraries can be created for guests: Nature and Sports in the Adda, Curone and Montevechia Park, boat trips on Lake Iseo and Lake Como, visits to Lecco, Como and the picturesque villages of Bellagio, Varenna, Mandello, the cities of art, history, culture and fashion such as Milan, Monza, Bergamo, wine and food tastings to discover the specialties of the area. The property also offers bike rental services, personal trainers and the option of dining at the Villa.