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Poggio La Croce

Località La Croce, , , Apartments: 6 / Opening dates: 1 March – 6 January from € 114 - to € 345

Poggio La Croce is an old homestead that has been completely renovated; it includes three villas that enjoy a panoramic view of the Maremma, in central western Tuscany.  It is situated within the Park of the Bandite which is 40 minutes from Grosseto, and about 30 minutes from Vetulonia.  This little centre retains traces of its Etruscan origins in the ancient polygonal stone walls of the Arce (6th-5th  century BC), while in its vicinity is the  necropolis and the famous Pietrera Tomb.  The Archaeological and Technological Park of the Metalliferous Hills, which is not very far, is of great interest: it promotes the knowledge of the mining activity of the area, from Etruscan to modern times, and has set up historical and archaeological trails as well as geological, naturalistic and trekking routes.  The coastline in Maremma is also incredibly beautiful: in the north the Gulf of Follonica is bordered by dense pine tree woods, and Carbonifera, Prato Ranieri, Cala Violina, Cala Martina, which line the shoreline to the south, are amongst the loveliest bays in Tuscany.  Golf and walks on horseback, sailing and windsurfing are all activities available just a short distance away from Poggio La Croce.

The current owners of Poggio La Croce still remember the first time they arrived in the area and their impressions: “We were awed by the uncontaminated forests and the vast, almost endless landscapes.  We found ourselves immersed in a silence that was broken only by bird calls echoing from the mountain top to the valley, and the rustle of dry leaves that deers and wild boars trod on.  We fell in love with this place and chose it as our home.  Even now, after many years, these surroundings never fail to delight.  We have always loved travelling without damaging the environment, and opted for echo-friendly holidays; naturally when we decided to build some apartments to rent out we only wanted eco-compatible materials: load-bearing structures made of wood finished with natural varnish; solar energy to heat water and buildings; and a salt water filter for our pool, which would avoid the use of chlorine.  Poggio La Croce is like a corner of paradise, from which to depart and explore the Maremma, only to return when the sun goes down, to drink in the Metalliferous Hills and become immersed in the silence and the colours of the woods, the holly oaks and strawberry trees.” 

Each of the three Poggio La Croce villas – respectively Cerro, Sughera and Fonte – contains two wonderful, light and airy apartments with more than one bedroom. Self- contained and with generous dimensions, one is on the ground floor, the other on the first floor.  The apartments are not perfectly identical, but they all have kitchens, a fireplace, spacious day areas with a portico or a terrace, and some with a little garden; the atmosphere is comfortable, warm and relaxing; outside loungers and inviting seats are arranged around the garden and along the perimeter of the infinity edge pool, visually stunning and situated against a gorgeous backdrop.