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Traditional meals with strong flavours and typical products of the cuisine of Sassetta

Staying at Podere La Cerreta in Sassetta, you will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional meals with strong flavours and typical products of the cuisine of Sassetta.

Boar with sassetana sauce

A dish not to be missed is the wild boar alla sassetana, which consists in cooking this meat – after having marinated it well so as to remove the flavor of game – with a beat of garlic, carrots, sage, rosemary, bay leaves, celery, juniper and chilli to which is then added some broth during cooking in order to soften the meat.

Once ready, this sort of stew can be served with a slice of slightly toasted Tuscan bread..

Tortelli maremmani

Another very tasty traditional dish is the tortelli maremmani made with ricotta cheese and vegetables: once the fresh pasta is made, it is stuffed with sheep’s milk ricotta cheese and chopped vegetables and then served with wild boar sauce, veal ragout or simply with butter and sage.

Tuscan soup, photo by thecountrycook

Tuscan soup

Although it is very similar to ribollita, the Tuscan soup has a completely different preparation and flavor.

In fact, the Tuscan soup has a very short preparation time: also in this case the main ingredient is black cabbage to which are added beans, potatoes, chard, tomato purée and stale bread often cut. In this way the bread will blend well with the other ingredients, thus obtaining a very tasty dish.

Bush Meat 

The cuisine of Sassetta is rich in plates based on bush meat: thanks to the woods and the fauna that populate the places you can still enjoy many dishes made with this very tasty meat. From hare, wild boar, pheasant, duck, roasted, spit-roasted or salted, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy them.

Anguilla scavecciata

A dish with a very particular taste is the anguilla (eel) scavecciata: the eels, after proper cleaning, are fried and marinated in vinegar and salt, at this point are then seasoned with a spicy sauce called “ascio” made by boiling white vinegar or white wine with chilli, water, pepper, crushed garlic and rosemary.

The result is a dish with a sweet-and-sour taste and a very compact consistency.

Chestnut Jam, photo by lacucinaitaliana

Chestnut Jam

One of the typical products, to take home as a souvenir, is the chestnut jam of Sassetta.

The chestnut trees present give life to a very particular type of brown, medium-large oval and elliptical in shape from which you get a jam of light brown almost hazelnut that is dense and creamy.. 

Figs in oil

They are considered as a sweet: in fact, even if put in oil, the figs collected in Sassetta are of an indescribable sweetness, you just have to be careful how many you eat since one pulls the other.

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