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The culinary tradition of the Veneto region: among typical products and lagoon fish

Staying at Villa Lina Venezia in the center of Murano, will give you the opportunity to enjoy the culinary tradition of the Veneto region: among typical products and lagoon fish.

Venetian wines

Veneto is one of the most renowned Italian regions for its wine production: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Rosato, Bianco Spumante, you are really spoilt for choice.

Bigoi in salsa

A dish with a truly unique flavor are the bigoi in salsa: it is a type of fresh pasta, whose shape is similar to that of a large spaghetti, which is served with a sauce made from sardines.

Baccalà mantecato

The most symbolic food of the Veneto is the baccalà mantecato. This dish with historical origins is based on Norwegian stockfish that is cooked for a long time and then reduced to cream. It is generally served with polenta.

Liver Venetian Style, photo by lacucinaitaliana

Liver Venetian Style

Continuing your tour of the typical Venetian dishes, you can not miss the liver Venetian style: the strong flavor of the liver is made delicate thanks to the use of onions, oil, vinegar and parsley.

Risotto di Gò

Another representative dish of the Veneto is undoubtedly the risotto: prepared with always different ingredients, the one based on gò is really delicious.

The Gò is a lagoon fish known not for its appearance but its flavor: its real name is Goby and is used both to make the broth, which will cook the rice and at the end of cooking during the process of stirring.

Venetian sweets

Since Venice is a crossroads of various cultures, its confectionery, which is essentially dry, is influenced by Swiss, Arab, Austrian and Jewish pastry.

Among the most famous Venetian sweets there are the baicoli: dry biscuits made with flour, eggs, sugar and yeast that are cut thinly.

Typical of Burano are the bussolai buranelli made with butter and eggs.

Do not miss the frittelle or fritoe, the typical Carnival dessert made with apples, raisins or stuffed with eggnog or cream.

Frittelle with raisins, photo by kung-food

For the feast of San Martino, which is held on 11 November, it is generally used to prepare the cake of San Martino, made with short pastry that is shaped like a horse with a knight, decorated with chocolate and candy.

Another important dessert to be tasted during the Epiphany is the Pinza, which can be made with figs, raisins, apples, almonds and even pumpkin.

Sopa Coada

A simple dish of the Venetian tradition is undoubtedly the Sopa Coada or Zuppa Covata. It is a soup made with leftovers of bread cooked with vegetables in a hot broth and served with pigeon.

Murano Sardines

Typical of Murano are the Murano Sardines: once clean and well washed, they are stuffed with a rolled anchovy fillet, sprinkled with breadcrumbs and oil and baked in the oven.

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