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Nucleo Abitato Viceno 60, (VB) -
Rooms: 2 / Opening dates: always open from € 90 - to € 100


Terrarara B&B is in Piedmont, situated in Viceno, a little village at the foot of Cistella Mountain (2800m).  Almost on the border with Switzerland, Viceno is 900 m above sea level, located just above Crodo, A myriad of trails wind out from here through woods of conifers and beech trees, and reach the alpine pastures, ideal for trekking, Nordic walking, running, mountain biking, snowshoeing and mountaineering.  The area is also popular for its ski resorts, and in the warmer months one can go paragliding in Alpe Deccia and bouldering around Foppiano, just beyond Viceno, whose woods are scattered with boulders to climb over.  Skiers and cyclists can store their equipment at the B&B

Terrarara, high up on the mountains in the north west of Piedmont, enjoys a spectacular position.  This B&B is a three-storey building, a traditional stone and wood structure just like the other little dry stone houses that have been reclaimed and restored to their original condition and make up the picturesque village of Viceno.  The owners took their family and left Milan to go and live in this paradise of peace and beauty, where life moves to old rhythms.  The proprietor’s origins are actually Swedish, and his predilection for wood and other natural materials, as well as his love of sauna, are further confirmation of his Nordic ancestry.  The property is managed with great care, with sustainability in mind: the boiler is fuelled by pellets; cleaning products and toiletries are eco-friendly.  Hot tubs like the one situated in the garden of Terrarara are still a novelty in Italy; made from pine wood, it is filled with hot water heated by a wood stove.  Being outdoors, submerged in hot water even in mid-winter and when it is snowing, is an unforgettable experience; an indoor, cedar wood-panelled sauna concludes the regenerative process that one started in the tub, but guests are invited to use it also on its own, as a bio sauna which brings together characteristics from the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath, and provides a gentler heat.  Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Breakfast is served in the living area only in the colder months; otherwise guests can sit on the terrace or in the garden to sample deliciously fresh, organic produce while enjoying the most splendid views.

Terrarara B&B has two rooms, and at the end of 2017 two more guest rooms will become available. The ones currently in use are provided with Wi-Fi and decorated very simply and elegantly: light wood furniture in Scandinavian style is set off by pale blue-purple and pink walls, and the colours will remind Terrarara’s guests of the flowers after which the rooms are named: Campanula and Pimpinella.