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Quart de Lune

Villaggio Carné 10, (AO) -
Rooms: 5 / Opening dates: always open from € 80 - to € 160

Quart de Lune B&B is located in Villair de Quart, Aosta. Surrounded by mountains, in the center of Aosta Valley, the B&B is the place for those who wish to admire uncontaminated nature, history and literature. The house dates back to 1911 and still retains its original architectural features.  Carné di Quart is a rural village where to find serenity and tranquility, once was a Friars Minor property. The B&B adds to these qualities a warm, informal and familiar welcome. From the village you can leave for hiking in the mountains, take the “Vélo-Doire” cycle path that runs along the Dora Baltea, visit the Quart Castle and the Chapel of the Beato Emerico. Nearby you can visit the parish church of Sant’Eusebio, the Castle of Fénis or reach Aosta to admire its Roman Doors, the Arch of Augustus and the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Quart de Lune B&B maintains alive its ancient ambience. You can find it in the vintage interior decoration, in the fine furniture, in the wooden ceilings with exposed beams, also in the elegance and sobriety of fabrics and embroidery. The rooms are linked each other by colors and music, in fact each of them stand out for a dominant color and its name is inspired by famous composers of the past. The Red Room – Bizet has a double bed, a sitting area, a private bathroom and a large Victorian bathtub. The Blue Room – Chopin has vintage decorations and a beautiful view of the Quart Castle. The Green Room – Schubert is the smallest and most intimate, with a French bed and an art deco style chandelier, offering a view of the Mount Rutor and the Château Blanc glacier. The Purple Room – Mozart  is decorated in 18th century style, has a Jacuzzi, a private entrance and a view of Mount Emilius. The Orange Room – Vivaldi, consists of a bedroom, a kitchenette and a private bathroom. All rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, iron. The bathroom has a hairdryer.

Quart de Lune B&B guests are welcomed with great care and attention. Breakfast is served in rooms with 19th century furnishing and is made with local organic food such as cakes, biscuits, yogurt and jams. One of the most beautiful places in the house is certainly the library, where book lovers  can discover the history of Aosta Valley. Furthermore they can read about art and music among the many texts available, also in French and German, including ancient and  distinguished publications. It is available free Wi-Fi, mountain bike, garden and parking. Four-legged friends are welcome!