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Masseria Storica Pilapalucci

Strada Comunale delle Matine, Toritto (BA) , -
Rooms: 5 / Opening dates: 15 March – 15 November from € 90 - to € 110

Masseria Storica Pilapalucci is set amongst woods of oaks and olive and almond groves, along the popular “Olive Oil Road”.  Its distance from the Alta Murgia National Park is small, and the canyon of Gravina in Apulia and the deep karst dolines of Altamura, also famous for its cathedral, are only about half an hour away from Toritto, the town nearest to the Masseria.  On the other hand, Matera, also known as the “City of Stones”, Bari and the Adriatic Sea are about 30-40 minutes away. 

Masseria Storica Pilapalucci dates back to the 16th century, and is very picturesque with its traditional pitched roof, or “pignon”, its tower, the ancient horses’ yard, the dovecote that once housed carrier pigeons, and the walls built in beautiful stone and topped with limestone slabs called “chiancarelle”, all very well preserved.  Since it was built, this farmhouse has been in same family, the d’Urso, and in the old days it often had to stand like a fort against looting brigands and Saracens.    Around 300 years ago lived Maria Amalia d’Urso, and her generosity has been known and remembered from generation to generation; in fact the story of her assistance to the many local girls who were destined to destitution but were instead given a dowry and helped to marry is still much cherished in the region.  The current owner, Emilia d’Urso, used to practise the law and has now brought into being a holiday farm which is above average, turning herself into a successful farmer and reaching excellent goals: she is in fact the coordinator of the Slow Food Presidium of the Toritto almond, exported from Apulia to the four corners of the globe. Together with her husband, Emilia organises training courses on sustainability and nutrition, which take place in the event centre that has been created in the ancient stone-walled stables, while the award winning organic olive oil produced on the farm, and the biological vegetables and herbs that grow outside in the kitchen garden, later become selected ingredients in the traditional dishes of the local peasant cuisine that are served in the centre’s restaurant.

Masseria Storica Pilapalucci has 5 rooms, provided with all kinds of modern comforts but furnished with beautiful antiques.  From the terrace the guests can enjoy the vast views of the surrounding countryside or mount on a bike and go exploring, while in the garden they will relax under the towering centuries-old oak tree, or in the panoramic pool.