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Hotel Villa Dorata

Contrada Serra la Nave, Nicolosi (CT) , -
Rooms: 9 / Opening dates: always open from € 70 - to € 130

Hotel Villa Dorata enjoys a striking position, utterly unique, perched as it is at an altitude of 1760 m above sea level, in the heart of the Etna Regional Park and right on the doorstep of the Astronomical Observatory, which is only 0.5 km away.  The views are spectacular, ever changing and almost surreal, with volcanic cones and black, solidified lava and in the distance the Ionian Sea; in winter, blindingly white snow is everywhere around.  This corner of Sicily has much to recommend it, and many are the opportunities for exploration, from excursions and trekking expeditions to cultural visits: the city of Catania, whose history and life is intertwined with Mount Etna, lies in the plain and can be reached in 30 minutes.  It is almost at the same distance as the attractive coastal town of Acireale.

Hotel Villa Dorata is a handsome building of the early 20th century.  Designed and erected for the Duke of Roccaromana, Giovan Battista Paternò Castello, it has been recently renovated and is still furnished with some of the sumptuous furniture that belonged to the Duke himself.  The villa consists of a two-storey edifice and two single-storey wings on either side of the central body; it has a remarkable outline, rendered more picturesque by the pointed roofs.  There is a large, welcoming reception area and a bar, but the restaurant is the real pride and joy of the proprietors: here one’s taste buds are tickled by the delectable flavours of the traditional dishes of Sicily and by the good wines that are served with the food.  The eye is also delighted by breathtaking views: through wide windows it is inevitably drawn to the volcano and its incredible colours, and the wide expanse of the sky above; at night a myriad of lights dot a landscape of Sicily that surpasses anyone’s imagination.  This magical scenery is dominated by Mount Etna, whose central crater is only 1.5 km away: when it erupts, lapilli are ejected and soar into the sky like a fire fountain.

Hotel Villa Dorata has nine rooms, all provided with Wi-Fi, but different for shape, depending on the floor where they are situated, and also differently furnished and decorated with colours ranging from ochre and orange to Pompeian red, and from sage green to darker tones.  The soft and precious material of curtains and furnishings perfectly harmonises with the wood furniture and the floors covered with timber boards or with geometric patterned carpet.