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Garden Cactus

Contrada da Crocca SP 3, Favara (AG) , -
Rooms: 5 / Opening dates: always open from € 60 - to € 130

Garden Cactus is situated near Agrigento, a large provincial capital in the south of Sicily.  Famous for its magnificent Valley of the Temples, Agrigento is a splendid city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it takes only 15 minutes to reach it from Garden Cactus.  Equally close are   the archaeological Sulphur Mines Park and the town of Favara, whose historic centre is worth a visit.  Favara is also home to the Farm Cultural Park, a prestigious art complex that hosts exhibitions of contemporary art and installations and is the pride and joy not just of Sicily but of the entire nation.  7 km away a clear sea washes the white sands of Scala dei Turchi and the well-equipped beaches of Lido San Leone, Zingarello and Punta Bianca.                                                                               

Garden Cactus: its name says it all.  It is in fact a true “eden of succulent plants” which was brought to life, grown and tended by Tommaso, the proprietor.  In the course of 35 years it has been transformed into a botanic garden containing more than 10,000 succulents from around the world, thousands of species or types, including numerous palm trees.  An oasis of peace, it has recently seen the opening of Garden Cactus B&B, which is literally immersed in this extraordinary landscape, with the garden running round it on all sides.  Beyond, stretching to the horizon, green olive groves and vineyards set off the golden wheat fields in summer, creating a backdrop which is quintessentially of Sicily, and of the Agrigento area in particular.  The house is made entirely of stone, and, in various shapes and sizes, the same material has been employed outside to build the paths that traverse the garden and to create the veranda, the patio and the barbecue corner.  There visitors can relax, perhaps after a swim in the outdoor pool or a ride on one of the bikes that are freely available.  Wi-Fi is accessible everywhere and is also free.

Garden Cactus has 5 spacious rooms that look out over the wonderful botanic garden and the landscape characteristic of Sicily. They are decorated in different colours (pink rose, warm beige and yellow, light green and mauve), all inspired by nature, by flowers and plants which are also at the origins of their names.  The iron wrought beds, as well as the upholstered and the wooden bedsteads, the white stained and the natural wood furniture are set off by the beautiful colours of the walls, and create graceful, sophisticated interiors.