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Murano, the Venetian lagoon and the charm of the ancient art of the glass

Venice is one of the Italian cities with a magical and mysterious charm that captivates many tourists who come from all over the world to admire it.

To enjoy Murano, the Venetian lagoon and the charm of the ancient art of the glass, far from the calle invaded by tourists, Villa Lina Venezia is the place you have been looking for.

This elegant bed & breakfast located in the center of Murano, is housed in an ancient Venetian palace of the sixteenth century, which will bring you into another world.


By staying at the bed & breakfast Villa Lina Venezia, you will have the opportunity to visit Murano from the moment and its architectural beauties.

You can easily reach the Basilica of S. Donato.

Basilica of S. Donato, Murano

Built in the seventh century, initially this church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it was only in 1125 that she was associated with St. Donato martyr.

The church was completely restored in the twelfth century, has a basilical plan with two central naves along which are placed columns of Greek marble with capitals of Venetian-Byzantine style.

The mosaics dating back to the twelfth century are impressive; in particular, the apse shows a representation of the Madonna standing with her hands open in prayer and on the sides there are the Greek letters MΡ ΘΥ, that is, mother of God.

The floor, also in mosaic, presents subjects inspired by the plant and animal world with some biblical references.

Continuing with the visit of the city, we get to the church of St. Peter.

Built in 1348, it was destroyed by a terrible fire in 1474 and was only rebuilt in 1511.

Church of St. Peter, Murano

The interior of the church has a basilical plan with three naves, divided by two sets of columns with open-beamed roofs.

The importance of this church lies in the numerous works of art that decorate it made by important painters of the time.

In the nave on the right you can admire the “Baptism of Christ”, a work attributed to Tintoretto along with two works by Giovanni Bellini “Assumption of the Virgin and eight Saints” and the imposing “Barbarigo altarpiece”, with the representation of the Virgin with Putto, surrounded by two angels musicians, St. Augustine and St. Mark, who presents the doge Agostino Barbarigo to Mary.

Among the most important works in the main chapel are: “The multiplication of loaves and fishes” and “The wedding of Canaan” by Bartolomeo Letterini and the “Deposition from the Cross” by Giuseppe Porta called Salviati.

Finally, in the left aisle are the “St. Jerome in the desert” and the altarpiece entitled “St. Agatha in prison visited by St. Peter and an angel” belonging to Paolo Veronese.

Murano is known above all for being the “city of glass”, so you can not miss a visit to the Museum of Glass in Palazzo Giustinian.

In addition to archaeological finds, this museum houses the largest historical exhibition of Murano glass with the presence of masterpieces made by artists such as Venini, Zecchin, Carlo Scarpa.

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