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Historical festivals, regattas and cinema events among the most famous ones in the Serenissima

Choosing the B&B Villa Lina Venezia in the center of Murano for your holidays, you will have the opportunity to take part in historical festivals, regattas and cinema events among the most famous ones in the Serenissima.

La Vogalonga

Born in 1974 in Venice, this non-competitive rowing regatta attracts an increasing number of people every year.

At the end of the race, the winner is not awarded any prize but a medal, a diploma and a T-shirt are donated to all participants.

Vogalonga, Venezia, photo by vogalonga

Sposalizio del mare

The Feast of the Sensa is also held in Venice on Ascension Day, which aims to revive the history of the city through the commemorations of two important events: May 9, 1000, when under the threat of the Slavs, Doge Peter II Orseolo saved the people of Dalmatia and 1177, when the peace was signed between Pope Alexander III and Emperor Frederick Barbarossa under the Doge Sebastian Ziani, thus ending the struggles between the Papacy and the Venetian Empire.

To celebrate these two events took place the Marriage of the Sea: the Doge on Bucintoro, went to St. Helen where he was the bishop who blessed him and to highlight the power of the city on the sea, the Doge threw in the waters a gold ring.

Today, it is the mayor who carries out this rite with the launch of a gold ring to symbolize the union of Venice with the Sea.

Festa del cicchetto

In Briana, in June, there is the festa del cicchetto: an event based on music, drinks and cicchetti, a typical finger-food to be enjoyed in the company of a sip of wine and a chiacchiera.

Feast of the Redeemer, photo by events.veneziaunica

Feast of the Redeemer

Among the most felt festivities by the Venetians there is the Feast of the Redeemer that recalls the grace received by the city for the end of the plague. The festival takes place with a long parade of boats along the Giudecca canal that carry the faithful to the church of the Redeemer.  In addition to its religious character, the festival is also renowned for the sumptuous fireworks display held on the basin of San Marco and for the 3 regattas with historic boats.

International Film Festival

Another very important event that takes place in Venice towards the end of August is the International Film Festival.

It is a historic film festival where you have the opportunity to attend the parade of famous personalities of the international jet set as well as the preview of new films.

At the end of the exhibition is awarded the Golden Lion, a symbol of the city, a prize that is considered one of the most important awards from the point of view of film criticism.

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