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Molino dei Giusi

Strada Comunale Molino dei Giusi, (IM) - Rooms: 3 / Apartments: 3 / Opening dates: always open from € 120 - to € 140

Molino dei Giusi comprises three buildings that are situated within a 10 km radius of each other.  The first one, Domus Virgilii, stands on a hill in the “Cascine”, a residential area of the city of Imperia situated in the furthest western corner of Liguria, only 3 km away from the sea.  It is located just inland from Riviera dei Fiori, the beautiful Flowers Riviera, halfway between the renowned seaside towns of Alassio and San Remo, which can be reached in slightly over 30 minutes.  In the vicinity is also the whimsical villa where lived the famous clown who went by the name of Grock; Villa Grock is now open to the public and is well worth a visit.  Equally picturesque is the village of Cervo, a terrace on the sea, which lies about half an hour away and is only one of the many pretty villages and towns that dot the landscape around the three buildings of Molino dei Giusi.

A holiday home since the early 20th century, Molino dei Giusi was thoroughly restored and opened its doors to guests in the 1990s.  The house took the name of Domus Virgilii, and was converted into one apartment Myrtus with a surface area of 45 m², and one room Thymus, which will be ready in spring.  Surrounded by a lush garden where grow palm trees and agaves, maritime pines and flowering aloe plants, lemon and orange trees, Domus Virgilii enjoys a privileged position,  with wide views of the terraces that hug the hills of Liguria and of the greenhouses strewn across the fields, and with an especially beautiful vista over the sea of the Gulf of Imperia.  From here the Alps are visible on one side and on the other side lies the coast, which stretches from Tuscany to the Côte d’Azur.  In the garden an infinity pool is literally on the doorstep, while the fruit trees and a kitchen garden produce an organic harvest of fruit and vegetables, to enjoy freshly picked.  Olive pomace, the waste left over from the olive oil pressing process, fuels a sustainable biomass boiler that heats the water and rooms in the house.

Torre Rossa was in great disrepair when the owners took it on, which meant it was a challenge to restore it.  Built on an octagonal plan in the 16th century, this ancient watchtower would allow the guards to spy the Saracens’ arrival; thanks to the careful restoration that it has undergone it is as imposing today as it was in its heyday. In Villa Viani, 11 Km from Domus Virgili, the building, all in stone, has been divided into three beautiful apartments and has a garden and a swimming pool.

Eremo is a elegant cottage, ideal for two people, and it has been designed, down to the last detail, by the youngest member of the family that own Molino dei Giusi.  She has created the perfect interior, where art and design come together.  Outside is an exquisite garden, the brainchild of French garden designer Jean Mus, who has received highly commended awards for his work.  At Eremo di Fanny he has brought to life a garden which is in harmony with the surrounding landscape and the splendid flowers that have made Liguria famous.

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