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Mamma Santina

Via Sanita' 40, , (ME) - Rooms: 16 / Opening dates: always open from € 120 - to € 250


Hotel Mamma Santina welcomes its guests in Salina, one of the splendid Aeolian Islands north of Sicily.  The island of Salina rises out of the transparent blue sea and from a distance it looks entirely covered in vegetation, the flanks of its mountains hugged by oak and poplar trees; rows upon rows of vines and caper bushes produce the bulk of the crops that thrive on  its rich volcanic soil and sustain the local farming community.  Thanks to the fertility of the ground and the Mediterranean climate, in fact, Salina has known human habitation since antiquity. The island is criss-crossed with nature trails and footpaths.  They weave their way through the greenery and through the nature reserve that preserves its innumerable species of plants and is dominated by Monte Fossa delle Felci, from which summit the eye travels freely from one Aeolian island to the other. There are three small municipalities on Salina, Santa Marina, Leni and Malfa.  Picturesque and charming, they are towns of white square houses punctuated with exposed stone walls and little terraces.

Hotel Mamma Santina has been a family run business for almost 40 years, since it opened its doors in 1978. It offers the warm hospitality of the South in a setting of rare beauty, amidst the fragrances of the Mediterranean.  Mario is the owner of the hotel and the chef at the restaurant; his dishes are delicious and traditional, made from fresh local ingredients, just-caught fish, vegetables from his kitchen garden and the famous Salina capers; the food is served with the best Sicilian wines, followed by a choice of desserts.  Mario learned many of his recipes from his mother, Mamma Santina, the creator of the original restaurant, which soon after its opening had a boarding house added, later to become Hotel Mamma Santina.  The whole building has been restored with great care, in order to preserve its traditional features and its harmonious relation with the other houses on Salina. Hotel Mamma Santina is decorated with the colours of the Aeolian Islands and has a bright, cheerful atmosphere that seems to embrace you warmly.  A lush garden surrounds the house on all sides, with an inviting swimming pool and its Jacuzzi corner set in a recess.  There is a choice of suites and rooms to suit the needs of couples, as well as groups and families; comfortably furnished and cool in summer, they are named after the local fish to honour the sea and the Sicilian language.  They have access to a terrace and are situated amid Mediterranean plants; they all have Wi-Fi and TV, and some of the bathrooms are also provided with a Jacuzzi tub.

The nearest beach is only 200 m away from Hotel Mamma Santina, and entices the guests with its promise of complete relaxation, lying on the sand or swimming in the turquoise waters of the Aeolian Islands.  Mario knows all the best corners and trails in Salina, and is always happy to offer directions to holidaymakers, who will be thrilled to find that the island, despite its many attractions, is still untouched by mass tourism and retains all its characteristic traits, to enjoy at leisure.