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Le Dimore Del Borgo Del Balsamico

Via Chiesa 25, (RE) - Rooms: 7 / Apartments: 1 / Opening dates: always open from € 100 - to € 180


Le Dimore del Borgo del Balsamico is a handsome historic compound dating back to the 18th century.  Located in Botteghe di Albinea, a village in the district of Reggio Emilia, it is surrounded by the quiet Emilian countryside, which has a long established rural tradition.  Here time almost stands still and old-age customs hold sway: this is the ideal place for a truly magical, special holiday.  A few minutes’ drive away is the parish church, Pieve di Albinea, immersed in silence, and an archaeological area dominated by Borzano Castle and by the remains of an ancient settlement.  Villas of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, set deep in parks and large gardens, dot the region, and in 20 minutes one can travel from Botteghe di Albinea to Reggio Emilia and visit its many attractions: the Hall of the Tricolour Flag, Cathedral Square, the Church of St Prosper, and several museums and galleries.  The city of Modena, 40 minutes away, is equally attractive with its Cathedral and the Ghirlandina Tower, the Duke’s Palace and Saint Augustine’s Complex.

Le Dimore del Borgo del Balsamico is set in the middle of a garden in the Italian style, an enchanted space where loving care is evident at every step.  The whole property extends to over 10,000 sq m, the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday amid animals, plants and flowers, but also the centre of a renowned balsamic vinegar production, PDO and PGI; a product typical of the areas of Reggio Emilia and Modena, and famous in the world.  The balsamic vinegar produced at Borgo del Balsamico, the main house of Le Dimore Del Borgo complex, is exported to the four corners of the globe, together with other types of vinegar and fragrant dressing to drizzle over meats, fruit and dessert.  For those who want to learn more about this delicious ingredient, at Borgo del Balsamico tasting sessions are organised on request.  The proprietors have only recently opened the doors of Le Dimore del Borgo del Balsamico and they welcome their guest with tales of their experiences and of the traditions of Emilia Romagna.

Le Dimore del Borgo del Balsamico has six guestrooms, one apartment and a suite.  Spacious and bright, they have wooden floors and are furnished with antique heirlooms which have been in the family for generations: wrought iron beds, antiques, pictures, vintage and design accessories, together they create a warm, refined atmosphere which is rather unique.