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La Torretta

Via Mazzini 7, , (RI) - Rooms: 7 / Opening dates: 1 March - 8 January from € 70 - to € 110

La Torretta Historical Home is located in the region of Lazio, in Casperia, one of the villages of the Mountainous Community of the Bassa Sabina; this is an area bounded by the Tiber River, which connects the districts of Rome, Rieti and Viterbo.  Rising 400 m above sea level Casperia has retained its medieval streets, walls and squares, and is completely pedestrianised; in the early 13th century it was the property of the Abbey of Farfa, which still stands, only 26 km away, and is one of the most remarkable examples of Italian medieval art and architecture with its furniture and furnishings, frescoes and paintings, and its splendid library.

La Torretta Historical Home towers over Casperia’s historic centre and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding territories of Lazio and of the Sabini mountains.  The owner, Maureen, was originally from Wales, and loves to recount the story of La Torretta: “I moved to Rome in the 1960s and there I met Roberto, my husband, who worked as an architect.  Some time after we decided to give up our jobs in the city, and lead an alternative life style in a peaceful medieval village and give our children the chance to touch base with nature.  Having worked in the tourist industry, I liked the idea of inviting visitors to share our home and our way of living, hence the acquisition of a late 15th century palace that at the time, in 1996, was in serious need of repair.  Roberto took up its restoration and employed very capable local artisans to carry it out: we opened after two years and we still welcome our guests who arrive looking for a relaxing stay in this beautiful location.  Our daughters are also committed to hospitality and organise leisure activities for our visitors: one of them is a free climbing instructor and a guide, while the other has a passion for cooking and shows our guests how to prepare delicious meals, inviting them to taste our prizewinning extra virgin olive oil typical of the region.”

There are six rooms at La Torretta Historical Home, and they all enjoy a view of the roofs of Casperia and of the olive groves.  The rooms are tastefully decorated, with antique and modern furniture, nice curtains, and exposed wood beams; the breakfast room that stands on the top floor and opens onto the terrace and its breathtaking view, has amazing 15th century structure of exposed wooden beams. The communal areas are spacious and comprise a guest lounge with ancient wood paneled ceiling, and walls adorned with frescoes of the 16th century, furnished with classic and design objects, a collection of family paintings, as well as a stocked library; Wi-Fi is available throughout.