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La Luna e l’Ulivo

Via Trina 34, , (SP) - Rooms: 2 / Opening dates: always open from € 85 - to € 120

Il B&B La Luna e l’Ulivo Antica Residenza is located in the medieval village of Arcola, in the lower Val di Magra, in the province of La Spezia, a few minutes from the Gulf of Poets and in a magnificent area of Liguria. The village, unique thanks to its concentric ring structure with paved streets, is dominated by an ancient pentagonal tower of 25 meters, the remains of a mighty manor. The B&B is located in a strategic position to reach both sea and inland locations: Lerici with its castle, the port and the colorful streets is only a few minutes drive; Fiascherino and Tellaro with their magnificent 6 km coast; La Spezia with its Naval Museum about 8 km, as well as Sarzana with its famous antique markets; the beaches of Versilia with Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio are 12 km away; Portofino, a little more than an hour away. From La Spezia you can embark or reach by train the 5 Terre and make hiking trails rich in natural beauty and landscape.

Il B&B La Luna e l’Ulivo Antica Residenza welcomes you to Arcola, in Liguria in a very suggestive picture. Restored with care and patience by the owners, the house maintains some characteristics that make it unique, among which the terraced layout of the various levels connected to each other by stone and stone stairs that give it a special charm, while ensuring guests a total well-being. The structure offers two large Suites, for a maximum of two beds each, equipped with all modern comforts: television, air conditioning, wifi connection, herbal tea corner, safe, high-end courtesy products and linen from the Italian textile tradition. With a view of the hills, the Palmaria suite, furnished in shabby-chic style, with wrought iron materials, reminds the colors of the wild flora of the homonymous island through the green of the aromatic herbs and the pink of the flowers. The bathroom elegantly recalls the local rustic style. With a view of the hills and the historic village, the Portovenere Suite is furnished in a seafaring style, in the natural tones of earth and sand, lit by the blue and blue of the sea and sky. The wooden floor and the oil paintings recall the atmosphere of a sailing ship. The marine theme continues also in the large bathroom with window, with floor in local stone. Guests can enjoy a typical Ligurian terraced garden, where they can relax among aromatic herbs and flowers even with a good book from the house library.

Breakfast, to which special care is paid, is served on the terrace or in the old tavern of the house. Guests have a wide selection of quality sweet and savoury products, with particular attention to organic food, food intolerances and typical local products. The sweet or savoury dishes are prepared at the moment and on request, under the banner of the association taste and wellness, two requirements of the true Italian Style. Besides the specific architectural features and the warm welcome of the owners, a legend, called the Oliva Magica, makes this facility more fascinating. It is said that the house was once a fortified area of protection to the ancient village, located in a strategic point on the road between the Ligurian Sea and Tuscany. Destroyed several times, the house was rebuilt and inhabited since 1690 by local families who transformed it into a workshop, with adjoining house and space dedicated to the traditional production of oil. It is said that in the nineteenth century, during the olive harvest, the owner found under a tree, near the house, a strange olive, hard as a diamond and covered with very fine engravings. He decided to keep it as a good luck charm and hid it in the cellar. From that day on, however, his olive trees stopped bearing fruit and in every full moon night you could hear a sweet song coming up from the cellar. The man decided to investigate and during a full moon night he saw a young girl with very long silvery hair singing her sadness for having been locked up in such a dark place. He understood then that the girl was the Olive he had hidden and the next day he brought her back to earth. The trees began to bear fruit again and the song of the girl was transformed into the rustling of the wind among the branches of the olive trees.