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La Casa del Caco

Via IV Novembre 27, (IM) - Rooms: 2 / Opening dates: always open from € 75 - to € 95


La Casa del Caco is a charming B&B in Lecchiore, a suburb of the picturesque Dolcedo which is located in the Imperia province, Liguria.  It enjoys a stunning position, situated as it is in the Prino Valley, between the Ligurian Prealps and the Riviera di Ponente, thus looking out over verdant hills and sandy beaches, both within easy reach.  The area surrounding Dolcedo is deservedly famous for its delicious olive oil and La Casa del Caco is a true oasis, nestled amidst olive groves that stretch to the horizon.  This is the perfect spot for outdoor activities, from excursions to mountain bike rides, to trekking on horseback; the sight of little lakes peeping out through trees in the woods will be unforgettable.  From Lecchiore one can also set out to explore the pretty villages of the Prino Valley: Dolcedo, Valloria, Prelà and Villatalla, only to name a few.  A walk in their old streets, a visit to the ancient churches, the small restaurants and wine shops, and you will be bewitched. Less than 30 minutes away lie the delights of Imperia, with its Cathedral dedicated to St Maurice, the quaint narrow streets of Porto Maurizio known locally as caruggi, Dante Square in Oneglia, and the Collegiate Church of St John the Baptist.  A little farther away, but still within an hour’s drive, one can reach other jewels of the Riviera: Sanremo, Genoa, Nice and Monte-Carlo.

La Casa del Caco is an old stone house built over 200 years ago.  It resembles other Ligurian farmhouses of Lecchiore and of the Imperia province; in fact its characteristics, like the beautiful wood ceilings and cotto floors, have been lovingly maintained during the restoration.  But these traditional rooms have been furnished with modern and contemporary furniture and furnishings to create a comfortable, welcoming interior in the whole house. Breakfast is served in a large room on the ground floor which opens to a splendid terrace with views of the surrounding hills and of the coast. This was once the cellar of the house, and it is a truly enchanting space, with exposed stone walls and a restful ambience, where guests enjoy fresh, delicious food that gives one a sense of contentment and lots of energy.

La Casa del Caco B&B has two bedrooms on the first floor whose names derive from the natural materials, stone and wood, that give the rooms their character.  Each room has an ensuite bathroom and is perfect for two people.  The rooms are provided with Wi-Fi, but are without TV, in accordance with the philosophy of the owners, who have created a space for relaxation which is in perfect harmony with the silence and peace of their surroundings.  They are also font of all knowledge of the area and are always happy to advise on the best trails and the most picturesque corners of their beloved Liguria, or the restaurants where one can eat the best traditional dishes.

Codice CITR: 008030-BEB-0002