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Via Lungo Lago Vittorio Emanuele 18, , , Rooms: 7 / Opening dates: always open from € 140 - to € 175

Elvezia Boutique Hotel is the perfect choice for an exclusive holiday.  Situated on the splendid Isola Bella and surrounded by the waters of Lake Maggiore, the hotel can easily be reached from the mainland by ferry.  The town of Stresa, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola, is the most convenient departure point to visit Isola Bella, a true architectural jewel also blessed with natural beauty.  Among the many attractions of the island is Lake Maggiore’s finest building, Palazzo Borromeo, a seventeenth-century baroque palace whose magnificent rooms are decorated with sumptuous furniture and precious art works, statues and ornaments.  Outside the Palazzo, the gardens are no less spectacular with their geometric designs, breathtaking views and the most extraordinary constructions, like Diana’s Atrium.  Every half an hour a boat leaves the mainland for Isola Bella; on board are tourists from the four corners of the earth, but in the evening, after 6, the island becomes quiet once more, a haven for the few who are lucky enough to live there. From Isola Bella the connections to Stresa and to the other Borromean Islands are equally good.  In fact an efficient transport network serves Lake Maggiore and connects Isola Bella with Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori, and with Arona, Angera and other picturesque towns on the shores of the lake. And when the ferries are not in service, the guests of Elvezia Boutique Hotel will be able to cross Lake Maggiore and reach their destinations on board of private motor boats.

Elvezia Boutique Hotel is ideal for exploring and enjoying Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands, which are among the most wonderful places in the country.  An airy restaurant completes the experience: located on the lower level of the Hotel, it serves delicious dishes of the local and national tradition against the backdrop of a breathtaking panorama, which is in full view from the terrace but is also visible from the comfortable dining room.  Wine lovers will be spoilt for choice by the wide selection of fine wines that are on offer at the restaurant and whose excellent qualities are extolled in a series of aphorisms inscribed in the walls.  A few years ago the owners restored eight rooms above the restaurant, creating comfortable interiors with views of the lake and of the picturesque little town, and welcomed their guests to their house.

Elvezia Boutique Hotel has been created from two ancient guesthouses, whose structure and stone and plaster façade harmonize with the surrounding historic buildings of the tiny city centre; a narrow street bordering the old houses leads to the hotel, and another access to the rooms is from the restaurant’s terrace, which overlooks the incomparable scenery of Isola Bella and the lake.  Outside the windows of the guest rooms lies this same panorama and glimpses of the town; inside comfort reigns: against the walls which alternate stone and plaster, in keeping with the original buildings, the neutral tones of the elegant, simple furniture stand out, and the bathrooms have everything that one might need.