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Casa Rossa ai Colli

Via ai Colli 2 , , Rooms: 8 / Opening dates: 1 March – 10 January from € 70 - to € 80

This plain to the east of the Tagliamento River is an area of outstanding natural beauty and artistic splendour.  It is traversed by the so-called “ham road”, with San Daniele in Friuli, the centre for the production of cured ham, just a few kilometers away from the Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli.  Udine, the historical capital of Friuli, is the heart of the cultural identity of the region and boasts fine examples of Venetian Gothic architecture, a 16th-century castle, the Civic Museums and the priceless Tiepolo’s frescoes; from the Casa Rossa it is only 30 minutes away.  Cividale del Friuli, known in Roman times as “Forum Julii”, became a duchy under the Longobards and still preserves evidence of its prestigious history.  For the nature lovers, the wildlife reserve of Quadris in Fagagna is home to the finest white storks and black swans, and it is within a 20 minutes drive.

The owner remembers how she happened to be in this area: “Being from Udine, I discovered Ragogna and San Daniele in Friuli back in 2000, when I went to view a house for sale with my then partner.  It belonged to ten siblings and had remained closed and unused for 7 years.  It was love at first sight.  This is an enchanting place; with a view spanning 360 degrees, one feels on top of the world.  We wanted to share this experience, and the delightful idea of welcoming our friends to this haven of peace made us transform the property into a holiday farm.  I decorated the rooms and the communal areas to make everyone feel at home. At Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli for breakfast we serve pastries, bread and  jams that are all home made, and delicacies from local and trusted suppliers.  Come spring our own produce, grown in the respect of nature, will be on offer in the new green corner”.

The Agritourism Casa Rossa ai Colli has three floors, including a loft apartment, and was built by the Porcia Counts in 1906.  It owes its name to the Pompeian red of the facade, which creates a beautiful contrast with its surroundings: the lush green lawn, the olive grove, the beech and alder trees, and the wisteria draped over the pergola on the terrace.  Inside wood prevails, with plank floors, and wood finishings, bedsteads, wardrobes, exposed beams.  The communal areas on the ground floor are spacious and luminous, especially the kitchen with its imposing fireplace.  The eight guest rooms on the three floors, including the loft apartment, are equally comfortable, but each one is different from the others, even in colour.